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Sparkling Investments is a strategy consulting and alternative investments freelance activity led by financial services specialist Hicham Rouissi and based in the Principality of Andorra


Strategy Consulting

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Broad scope of activities

Strategy consulting, finance and dealmaking from securities to commodities

Strategy Consulting

Business planning, financial projections, valuation, strategic recommendations and related advice to top management

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Private Equity / Commercial Real Estate

Deal sourcing for investment firms: private equity / debt opportunities and hospitality/office/retail real estate assets

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Corporate Finance

Private equity / debt, M&A deal sourcing, LBOs, startup funding, most of the time in conjunction with strategy consulting and integration into the project team

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Precious Metals

Gold physical trading and refining, precious metals mining activities, related project finance

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Clients, Partners and Assignments / Collaborations

Although we call clients our regular business counterparts, we definitely call partners companies and individuals with whom we developped a long term relationship with a certain degree of mutual integration

Investment Firms

Collaboration and deal sourcing for some of the most established and globally recognised private equity and real estate firms

Stock Exchanges

Historical relationship with some of the largest stock and derivative exchanges (former NYSE Euronext group)

Industrial Groups

Experience in agro-industry, construction, green energy in close collaboration / integration with ad-hoc teams promoting disrputive technologies towards global blue chip companies and leading project finance collaborations ; advising a top manager of a global leader in testing / inspection and a top manager of a major French construction company (strategic recommendations, valuation, corporate transaction / LBO…)

Precious Metals

Gold refineries, precious metals trading firms and small mining companies, related finance and business development collaborations ; specific close integration with a gold refinery in Andorra: from the introduction and negotiation of a working capital financing solution to lender reporting and business development activities


Private Banks / Regional universal banks ; advising the CEO and deputy CEO of a universal / private bank in Andorra: detailed on site investigations and business plans regarding a potential international expansion of the private banking business

About Hicham Rouissi

45 – French Citizen – Resident in the Principality of Andorra – Married – 1 Child

From analyst to strategy consultant and managing positions

Independent activity since 2011

Strategy consulting, corporate finance, trading/ fund management, corporate and commercial real estate deal sourcing for various leading private equity / debt and real estate firms (financial services, agro-industry, hospitality, retail, office, energy…), commodities physical trading

Qatar Stock Exchange / NYSE Qatar

Head of Product Development, Indices and Market Data, member of management committee, reporting to CEO, member of Qatar Central Bank government bonds committee ; in charge of expanding the range of financial products listed on the exchange into new categories and asset classes (bonds, ETFs, derivatives), improving the stock index methodologies, leading the market data business, reviewing the business plan/strategy with the finance team and ad hoc reporting to the CEO and the BoD, market intelligence

– NYSE Euronext group of stock exchanges (New York Stock Exchange – Euronext)

Strategy consultant dedicated to the Paris/London/Amsterdam/US derivatives markets,  business planning, input into managing board reports, equity derivatives product development with supporting business cases, index development, related business development effort towards major banks and leading derivatives trading companies, market intelligence

– Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking

Main equity derivatives trading room in Paris, index arbitrage, equity linked swaps, forex and interest rate hedging

– CIC Banque

Corporate credit analyst

French degrees in mathematics, computer science, business management, MSc in banking, commodities trading and financial markets

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